Covid-19 creates new challenges for Student Council fall schedule

Covid-19 has affected the whole school in many ways, and student council was no exception. This year’s student council elections were postponed until the beginning of the school year, while they are usually in April of the previous school year. Homecoming, usually a major part of the student council’s fall schedule, is not going to be the same as usual. Due to coronavirus, the usual dance is cancelled. However, the student council is planning something fun that still follows around Covid restrictions.

This year’s elections were held at the beginning of the year. This was due to the fact that school ended in March last year,”  student council advisor Jennifer Bonham said. “Only student body positions (executive council) campaigned and were placed on ballots due to time constraints.”

Student council members have many more new members that were able to join this year. Everyone that filled out the appropriate form was able to join. 

“Because we did not have elections for underclassmen and delegate positions, all students who filled out appropriate forms were appointed to the student council,” Bonham said. “Therefore, there is an increase in the number of students on council–this will enable them to further develop leadership with underclassmen.”

Also, any student who ran for a delegate position and did not win that position, was still put onto the student council. Tiernan Kyser, a member of the student council who ran for treasurer, said the election process was different compared to the past.

This year our election was very mild and because it ended up not being as rigorous and fair of a process, if you ran then you got onto council,” Kyser said. “I liked it for me because I ended up losing in the position I ran for but still was allowed onto the council but I think for upcoming years it will not be like that because there will simply be too many people. It is also fun making your campaign and waiting for the votes to come in to see if you won or not.”

With the increase of members, StuCo and its group of leaders will be able to plan and host events and activities this school year, as well as carry out old traditions and create new ones. Members and leaders are anticipated to do this. 

Even though this year our options are limited we will try our best to make it yet another amazing year for the Student Council,” Kyser said. 

Caitlin Weber, a member of the student council who ran for the head of the spirit committee, said some things may be different this year, but the student council still has plans.

“One of the main changes to student council is that we aren’t all allowed to meet together in one room because of Covid so we have to have half of our members on Google Meet,” Weber said. “Another big change is that we’re very limited on what we can do for homecoming, for instance we are planning a tailgate since we can’t have a dance and we are also planning a virtual pep rally.” 

Plans for homecoming are going to look a bit different this year. Since a dance would not be possible with Covid restrictions, the student council is planning a tailgate that juniors and seniors can attend. Before, there is a parade leading to the tailgate that anyone can take part in. The tailgate will take place at the wick. At the tailgate, there will be games and other things to do. At the end, 100 seniors will have the opportunity to get a ticket to the game. Kyser said the student council had to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions when planning homecoming ideas.

“A big part of our normal year was homecoming. We spent a lot of time on setting it up and making it fun but this year we will have to work extra hard just to get something to happen that is safe for everyone because obviously we cannot have a dance in the gym,” Kyser said. “Meetings have already changed and I think that because of Covid we will be able to impact the school as much as we would like seeing as our options are limited.”

Besides homecoming, the student council is planning ways to carry out old traditions and create new ones. They are prepared to take on challenges that Covid puts them against, and create ways for AL students to have fun and safe activities. 

“StuCo will look different this year and events and activities will be different, however, we are still planning and organizing appropriate activities and we are looking forward to taking on new challenges,” Bonham said. “We have a great group of student leaders who are ready to continue AL traditions and begin new traditions within our school.”