Class of 2021 faces the struggles of a senior year in quarantine


Photo Utilized from the Nonpareil

Through the end of the 2020 school year all the way up to the return to in-person learning in 2021, students and teachers all over the world have been forced to undergo an excessive change in the way school and school-related events are performed.  Similar to how the seniors of 2020 were stripped of some end-of-the-year experiences including prom, spring sports, and normal graduation, this year’s class of 2021 has taken on a whole new high school experience.

Because of COVID-19, class and school events have been altered to provide a safe experience. Maddie Anderson described her experience in her senior year thus far.

“Obviously going to school every other day for a while was all new, as well as wearing a mask and distancing from each other,” Anderson said. “Sports events and other activities don’t feel the same, and aren’t as fun.”

Zoe Lutz, another senior from the class of 2021, also shared her disappointment with the differences in activities this year despite her consciousness of covid.

This school year has definitely been different than the past,” Lutz said. “I have found it a lot more difficult to maintain a social life as I am very conscious of covid.”

Although most of the time in school and at school activities, there is a mask mandate to prevent the spread of COVID. Students and teachers have been overall acceptive and understanding of this change.

“I miss regular sports and clubs happening as well as the environment without masks,” Anderson said. “It’s for the better that we do take precautions and I’ve tried to make the best of it.”

Senior Daniel Fitch noted his gratefulness that sports this year are being held at all, unlike the spring sports of 2020.

While I wish we did have stuff missing like events or full student sections, I’m still glad we still get something,” said Fitch.

This school year has not only been limiting for students, students like Anderson recognize that it has also been a new challenge for teachers.

Teachers have been as supportive as they can be but they’re also dealing with this as well,” Anderson said. “I admire how hard some have been working through this.”

Fitch also notes the phenomenal extra work teachers have put in this unique year.

The teachers, especially Mrs. (Sarah) Steinmetz, have been amazing with supporting us through deadlines or any other issues we are having with school,” Fitch said.

Although all were sympathetic for the abrupt end to the class of 2020’s high school career, the class of 2021 faced a plethora of new challenges in their senior experience.

“We missed the same things they did last year, plus homecoming this year, student sections, etc,” said Lutz. “Plus we still had to do classes this year during covid whereas last year when Covid came only college classes were mandatory.”

Despite missed opportunities and an unwarranted change to their school year, seniors have been understanding of the mandatory precautions taken.

At the end of the day, I’m not bitter about the things that have been taken away this year,” said Anderson.“I’d rather have lives saved over a football season.”