Valley View Vet Clinic works towards new location


Our pets have been an important part of helping a lot of us over quarantine, and soon we’ll be able to ensure their happiness and health with a new veterinary clinic. The Valley View Veterinary Clinic is moving to an upgraded building just down the street, so there are no worries about too much of a location change. Dr. Barbara Lee guarantees that there will be many other positive changes with the new clinic. 

Lee, a veterinarian for 16 and a half years, is excited for the different features of the new clinic.

“The surgery room will have a HEPA filter and UV lighting,” Lee said. “The ventilation will be seperate so there’s no contamination, which isn’t usually standard in a regular building.” 

There are also accommodations for those with more anxious animals. 

“The waiting room is walled off so that each person will be in their own nook and their animals can stay quiet,” Lee said. “These spaces are completely walled off and separate and have a lot of soundproofing.” 

The new clinic will create more room for additional veterinarians to work, and a larger workspace for them to work in. Lee explained that the original building was made for one doctor, and now they have multiple doctors working. Some new graduates will be working on exotic animals as well. 

“I have three new veterinarians coming so that we can accommodate for the growth in our clinic,” Lee said. “Since the layout of this clinic is only conducive for a one-man practice, and we’re now a three or four-man practice, this is not an option anymore.”

Lee expects the construction of the new clinic to be complete by early June, and she’s excited to open it, not only for her clients, but her family as well. 

“My daughter Amber Strohbehn was a chemical engineer for 9 years and she decided she wanted to be the third generation Strohbehn,” Lee said. “So when she told us she was going to go to school and become a vet, we wanted to build her a state of the art clinic.”

If that mother-daughter relationship isn’t wholesome enough, Lee reassures us that the animals will continue to have top-of-the line care and be treated very well.

“The medicine will all be the same, still top notch, and we will have an ICU unit,” Lee said. “We still will have the same high quality medicine.”