Lynx nation must be Owen Strong


Photo Utilized from Owen Strong Facebook Page

Owen Hansen is a junior at AL who recently was in a snowboarding accident that caused him to break his C-4 and C-5 vertebrae. Owen is an active kid who loves to cheer. He is an athlete at Elite Cheer and is also a self-taught tumbler. Owen has a long way to recovery ahead of him including rehabilitation, hospitals, and potentially more surgeries. He is hoping to learn how to walk again. Donations are being made to the family to help with paying for hospital bills, rehabilitation bills, wheelchairs, therapists, home care, and much more. 

There are both a Go-Fund-Me account and Meal Train set up taking donations to help with the medical bills and day-to-day life. As of March 5, they both add up to about $35,528.

There are many different ways you can support Owen and his family. The most popular ones have been the T-shirts and stickers designs. 

On February 23, Hansen was moved to Madonna Rehabilitation in Lincoln to start getting to work to get stronger so he can hopefully walk soon again. Currently, he is making improvements towards recovery. He got his feeding tube out and now is able to eat solid food. He also got this wheelchair that is controlled by how he moves his head. They are still hoping that he will be able to walk again but he is doing physical therapy every day to get stronger.

Jolene Hansen(Mom), Jesse Hansen(Dad), Abigail Mcintosh, and Macy Kephart (sister) started a Facebook group called Owen Strong. In this group, you will find daily updates on how Owen is doing and words of encouragement from others. People have been telling their own stories about the same type of accident to put some hope into Owen. This is where you can also find any fundraisers going on to help support Owen.


Here are some ways you can help out Owen’s family.

Lucky By Design Shirts 

  Meal Train 

 Go Fund Me 

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