ALHS English teacher to make transition to TJHS administrator


Photo submitted by Kourtney Abbotts

Kourtney Abbotts has been an English teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School for the past three years, where students say she has helped to provide a comforting and fun learning environment. It was recently announced that she would be transferring to Thomas Jefferson High School to become an assistant principal starting in the fall of 2021.

When she makes the transition to assistant principal, Abbotts will assume the responsibilities of supporting and coaching teachers through feedback. She mentioned that she will also be reaching out to families and students to help provide a better environment whilst maintaining building operations.

As a teacher, Abbotts made a lasting impression on many students, such as junior Noah Dvorak, especially when it came to making sure every student was seen and treated with dignity and respect.

She always made sure no matter what anyone struggled with and no matter your capabilities as a student, if you entered her room you were equal to any other student in the class,” Dvorak said.

Along with Dvorak, junior Nathalie Saldana also had Abbotts as an English teacher and found her teaching style to be very reassuring. 

“I love how Mrs. Abbotts interacts with her students and it makes it feel like her classroom is a safe place to be in,” Saldana said.

Abbotts focused on making learning fun, but she also made sure that each student understood the content and was not only confident with it, but was interested in the topic.

I would also see her sit down and work hand in hand with students, some even my friends who I know struggle with school and will have them walking out of the class actually understanding the lesson and truly being engaged in school,” Dvorak said.

There is a vast difference between being an English teacher and an assistant principal, but Abbotts is excited for the challenges and new opportunities that are facing her as she transitions to TJHS.

Teaching only certain classes limits my ability to be able to get to know students in other grade levels,” Abbotts said. “I have primarily taught 9th and 10th grades. I am looking forward to being able to get to know so many students that I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to know. I’m also extremely honored to work with teachers and to help support their needs in their classrooms. I love to help and serve others, which is going to give me that opportunity to do it daily.”