College Signing Day 2021


Photo taken by Madeline Knau at a signing event earlier this school year

Signing to a college can be seen as the equivalent of writing the title for the next chapter of your life. On April 30, the class of 2021 will have the opportunity to sign in front of parents, teachers, and classmates to their intended college or other program for this fall. 

Each student had their own reasons for selecting their post high school plan. 

Rocky Rubink, who is committing to Ottawa University in Kansas, shares his reason. 

“(Ottawa is a) smaller school with a good campus and option to dual major,” Rubink says. 

Rubink also intends to join the bowling team at Ottawa. 

Kelsey Wathen, who will be attending the University of South Dakota for Pre-Dentistry, wants to make new friends and get involved next year. Her reasons for choosing her plan for next year are quite numerous.

“I have family who live, graduated, and coached there and it’s a beautiful college,” Wathen said. “They also are very good about student involvement and making sure you always feel informed and are never confused about anything.”

Similar to Wathen, senior ILLiana Hammers’ reasons for committing to University of Nebraska Lincoln for music education connect to her past as well.

“I chose that school because I fell in love with it years ago and I believe it will give me great opportunities,” Hammers said. 

Hammers’ goals for next year include getting a strong start on adulthood and being successful in her first year of college. Hammers’ hopes this will help her get a strong image of her future life.

Senior counselor Larella Rangel said there are several things students need to know going into College Signing Day. 

Rangel asks that students make sure they know their signing time, and that all signings will occur in the commons. Students are allowed to invite two family members, but they must wear a mask and check in in the office. 

Rangel also said if students are unable to attend signing day for any reason, they can still share their plan for next year with Rangel and it will still be announced. 

“It’s a celebration of success,” Rangel said. “It’s a celebration of the past 13 years if you count kindergarten, and what you’re going to do when you leave us. Also for this year it’s so important because morale has been a little low because of COVID. We feel a little disconnected and anything we can do to celebrate successes kind of improves that morale. I’m excited just because it will be something fun and something to get to look forward to.”