Hats now acceptable to wear at ALHS

Hats have been a controversial topic in schools for years–ALHS had the rule to not allow students to wear hats. Recently, a new policy has been brought up this year. For years the policy for ALHS has been to not allow students to wear any type of hat or hood. This has sparked different opinions from students and staff at ALHS. Some may believe that it is a positive change considering some students may feel more comfortable having their faces hidden, and feeling more secure in their own headspace. On the other hand some may also believe that this can be a disadvantage considering some of the cons of the new policy. 

Lexy Mayo, a sophomore at ALHS said students should be able to wear hats. 

 “I think it’s fun that kids get another way to express themselves,” Mayo said. “For kids that like to wear hoods to hide their hair or face this is also a benefit.” 

Although, the hats may be seen as a potential problem for some people.

 “I think some kids will take advantage of this new policy by taking it too far, but all in all I believe kids will be happy with their new found freedom and try to do their best to not get it taken away.”

On the other hand, people may have the idea that there could also be some downside to this new policy, and some may not agree with this new policy. Tricia Suchsland, a Spanish teacher at ALHS is opposed to the rule change. 

I do not agree with it, I do not think it is appropriate to wear a hat in a building unless it is for that day (such as a ‘‘”Hat Day’”). It also makes it harder to see what the student looks like.”

Hats are seen from both sides. 

“A student could have inappropriate things on the hat or it could be some representation of gang affiliation.”

The dress code can be found at www.cb-schools.org (P. 24)

schoolwires.net (P. 8)