Steinmetz taking a new role at Kirn


Photo by Maddie Schirmbeck

Sarah Steinmetz has worked at Abraham Lincoln High School for numerous years but the 2021- 2022 school year will be her last at ALHS. Steinmetz has decided to take a new teaching role at Kirn Middle School as a 6th grade science teacher. 

“I just wanted to get back to the classroom and try something different. I felt it would be good to challenge myself again,” Steinmetz said. “I am going to Kirn Middle School to teach 6th grade science.”

Steinmetz has been at ALHS (with a one-year stint at Kanesville) since 2005 teaching classes such as physical science, biology, human biology, forensics, botany, and zoology. In 2011 she started working as an ALHS TAG Strategist along with ACT prep. 

“I decided to do TAG at AL because I had an interest in helping kids. I feel it has some counseling roles and I love helping kids get to their next steps after high school.”

Steinmetz, a major supporter for her students, has only pushed her to do the most for her students. One of Steinmetz’s students, Abbi Dominguez, said Steinmetz impacted her over the two years she has been enrolled in TAG Seminar. 

“Mrs. Steinmetz has helped to guide me throughout my high school years and has given me the tools and resources I need in order to be successful for many years to come,” Dominguez said.

Steinmetz’s goal for her role as a TAG Strategist was to help the kids and Steinmetz believes that her successor will be just as successful. Steinmetz’s replacement, Carrie Booms-Ryan, is currently an English teacher at ALHS.

“They have found a new replacement. Mrs. Booms-Ryan will be the new TAG Strategist and she will do an awesome job. She has a lot of experience with college-level classes and TAG students,” Steinmetz said.

Steinmetz has encouraging thoughts for ALHS.

“I feel very blessed to get to do the job I have been doing for AL and for CB schools. I have been blessed with great students and co-workers. I want to say thank you to everyone at ALHS as well. I am ready to go try a new adventure at Kirn.”