ALHS launching new tradition with “Powder Puff”


Every year, Abraham Lincoln students are used to watching girls play volleyball and boys play football. This year, student council decided to switch it up a bit, with boys playing volleyball and girls playing football. Students will be able to make their own teams, assign positions, and create their own plays. On Friday, Oct. 28, Girls flag football will be the first event happening at the Wickersham Stadium at 4:00 p.m, and boys volleyball will be the second event at the ALHS Fieldhouse at 6:00 p.m.

This event has been in the works for months.

“We thought of it last year and then tried to plan it but it was at the same time as homecoming week so it just got too chaotic so we decided to postpone it to this year, but I think we really got the idea from social media and saw other schools doing it,” senior Hannah Dillehay said. 

Student Council sponsor Micheal McIntosh helped plan out the whole “Powder Puff” event when he first heard of the idea from Dillehay. Student council is hoping many students go and support these teams and can bring the whole school together. McIntosh hopes this event is not a one and done.

We hope that it can become a tradition.  In the end, though, we really just want students to have the opportunity to have fun while maybe doing some good.  This year’s event doubles as a canned goods drive,” McIntosh said. 

Senior Luis Rodriguez is part of student council and is going to be part of the guys volleyball team. Like many other people, he is hoping to get students involved in something new and hopes everyone can go support each other. 

I hope it brings all of the major teams in every grade together and the student body together, and I hope everyone shows up to support the playing teams,” Rodriguez said.