Taking a look at Black History Month


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Black History Month has been celebrated every February for the past 53 years and became law on Feb. 1, 1986. Congress passed Public Law 99-244 this law states “February 1st, 1986 marks the beginning of the sixtieth annual public and private salute to Black History.” Ever since February has been a very popularly celebrated month dedicated to black citizens and historians internationally. However, this annual salute to Black History is celebrated in different months depending on the country. For example, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Ireland celebrate black history month in the month of October.

There are themes for black history month, which change each year. In fact, the 2023 black history theme is “Black Resistance” symbolizing the equity that has been a form of resistance for a long period of time. However, black history month hasn’t always been identified for the entirety of the month of February. In 1926, Carter G. Woodson established “Black Negro History Week”. This evolved as black students protested for the entire month to be passed as a law entirely. This month became widely popularized by civil rights activists and many people contributed to the idea. People including Rosa Parks, Barbara Jordan, and Martin Luther King Jr. 

Now, there are many ways to celebrate black history month and an example would include supporting black-owned businesses. There are many black-owned businesses that could use some help and what better time to show our support than this February. Another way to celebrate this important month is by donating to charities and organizations relating to Anti-Racism equity and equality. These charities work hard to bring awareness to the fact that unfortunately, racism is definitely still around. Their amazing hard work helps bring at least a little bit of good into the world, so supporting them would mean the most! 

David Price, school administrative manager at ALHS, holds great value in Black History month and takes measures to increase the knowledge of black history as a whole. 

“Black History Month is important because we are important, we are special, we are unique, and our culture is and has spread worldwide,” Price said. 

African American awareness continues to increase and spread internationally and could be a great opportunity for the voices of those who need support to be heard. The month of February focuses on African American history and how they have gotten here today where they stand and support one another, especially during this month. Black History Month brings its importance in many different ways. According to weforum.org, “Black History Month offers an opportunity to reimagine what possibilities lie ahead.” The possibilities this month can bring along is something that truly helps shine the light on black citizens. 

Now, the school can be a necessary opportunity to advance and grow others’ knowledge of black history. School is where most kids learn about history, but there could be a few things that may help students continue to grow in the knowledge of this topic. Especially within the fact that too many people black history month is a huge and important subject to discuss and educate further on throughout all grade levels. 

“I don’t want our school, our district, or our community only to celebrate Black history in February. I want our school, our district, and our community to have a focus on Black history all year around. I want Black history not to be Black history, but to be HISTORY, “ Price said.