Looking back at Schleifman’s shattered volleyball record


Utilized from Lynx Volleyball Twitter

Kayla Schleifman broke Abraham Lincoln’s school record for the number of blocks in volleyball on October 13. The previous record was 181 blocks in 2013-2014 by Victoria Krohn; Schleifman had a total of 300 total blocks. 

“No, I didn’t set out to break these records,” Schleifman said. “I was just playing the game and it felt like out of nowhere my coach suddenly told me that I held the record for blocks.” 

Schleifaman was able to hold single records starting her sophomore years and continues to improve each season.

”When Kayla set the single-season record as a sophomore (114 total blocks), I think she believed it was a little bit of a fluke, but then she blocked another 114 her junior year, and she really believed how good of a blocker she was,” Katie Darrington said. 

Schleifman didn’t prepare to break a record, it kind of just happened. 

“Every team needs each and every individual player,” Schleifman said. “There wasn’t really any preparation, we just were all trying to play to the best of our abilities and I really couldn’t have gotten all those blocks without the help of my teammates and coach. They all pushed me to be a better player.” 

Every team helps each other out and that is exactly what Kayla’s teammates did to encourage her, believed in her, and trusted her to do her best and the best for the team.

“Kayla put the time in over the last four years, she learned how to use her athleticism and turn it into an advantage,” Darrington said. “Kayla did a lot of blocking at every practice.”

Coaches can help you grow not only has a person but also as a volleyball player. Having someone who’s  is as passionate as you are helps motivate you.

“My top mentor would definitely have to be Coach Darrington,” Schleifman said. “Her passion for the game and for her team has really motivated me over the years and I’ve learned so much. I’m very thankful to have had the chance to play AL volleyball with some of the best people these last four  years.” 

Darrington Shared some advice for Schleifman.

”Believe in yourself, be dynamic, stop blocking it with your head,” Darrington said.