Looking back on a successful season; ALHS Football


Photo Submitted by senior Lennx Brown. Pictured : ALHS varisty football team

This is going to be a football season that not only the seniors remember but the whole school. 2020 hasn’t been the best year but the football team didn’t let that stop them. 

The team was able to hold a 5-2 season. They won against Denison, Des Moines North, Sioux City West, Sioux City North, and Thomas Jefferson, but lost to Sioux City East, and Urbandale. The Lynx also had the chance to play at the 2020 Iowa High School Football Playoff Brackets: IAHSAA against Valley but lost 6-44. 

The Lynx were able to win against town rival TJ. 

My favorite part of the season was when we beat TJ since it was a rivalry game and a big victory,” said senior Lennx Brown.

Football has been able to stick with senior Chase Riche since he was in Pre-K. He was taught by his number one fan.

“It’s been my favorite thing since I was in Pre-k, my dad was very good at football. Football has taught me many things in my life such as perseverance, working with others, and mainly patience,” said Riche.

Working hard at each and every practice and game has paid off. The goal of making it to the playoffs became a reality. 

“My main goal this season was to make it to the playoffs and have a winning season, and we did both.  We accomplished this by working very hard during the offseason which is something most teams don’t do.  This allowed us to get the upper edge on teams we were previously losing to,” said Brown.

Having good leadership, a good mindset, and a clear mind will help with playing the game. 

“Our leaders were awesome at pushing our team and encouraging everyone to work as hard as they can while changing the team’s mindset to a winning mindset,” said Brown

Riche was not only able to set goals for himself but also for some of his teammates. 

“Some of my goals were to see Jaxon Boro, Lennx Brown, Greg Chinowth and TJ Hayes succeed at all their positions. They have been very successful,” said Riche. “I did tell myself I wanted to be a better tackler and blocker this year and I think I did achieve that.  Although it wasn’t how I thought it would be, I can tell you from experience that a perfect block to get someone 10 plus yard or more feels just as good as catching a ball 10 plus yards or more.”