ALHS Bowling Team: the team with talent to “spare”

The ALHS bowling team is rolling through a busy and successful season. Although this bowling season is looking different compared to previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are excited for the season and the challenges it brings.

Due to the pandemic, one of the changes that the team is facing is the difference in the social aspect. Junior Terry Larkin is determined to keep the camaraderie on the team intact.

This year is a lot different, with everyone forced to sit at different tables, it creates more of a sense of separation, but we all try our best to not let that happen,” Larkin said.

A very important role in their success is how they practice. They have rigorous training including many drills and baker’s games, which is when the members of the team collaborate to form one score, each member only getting to bowl 2 frames per game.

We have practice three days a week, not including meets which are usually on Mondays,” sophomore Tatum Mark said. “Practice the day after a meet is pretty rough, at least in my opinion. The coaches usually have us doing drills most of the practice.”

Bowling has proved to be a fun and challenging sport, one that senior Rocky Rubink has spent all four years of his high school career participating in. He has set a goal that he is focused on reaching for the season.

“My goal this season is to bring back a state championship,” Rubink said. “The way we plan to do this is by practicing our shot-making and mentality.”

Rubink recently committed to continue bowling at Ottawa University.

Other members of the team, such as Mark, have also set goals for themselves.

“I would also like to bring my overall average closer to a 150,” Mark said. “If that is going to happen this season, I don’t know. All I can do is practice.”



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