Spiking out for senior volleyball night


Photo by Mia Vodicka

Each year, ALHS holds a senior night for the seniors’ last home game where we recognize our seniors and celebrate their last game. On October 25, 2022, AHLS seniors volleyball team performed on the court for the last time for Abraham Lincoln High School. This was a bittersweet moment for the volleyball team as a whole as they have worked together to accomplish a lot this past season, however, some of the seniors will be continuing their dedication to volleyball for their future as well. 

Luis Rodriguez, a senior volleyball player at ALHS has been dedicated to volleyball ever since 7th grade and he definitely contributed to the hard work and dedication that the volleyball team holds today. There are many memories that have come along with him on his volleyball journey here at ALHS.

“I am planning to join a national volleyball team and I am also planning on playing in college as well,” said Rodriguez.

Team memories are an important attribute for him as they were a time to enjoy being with each other outside of the court as well as conversing with his team mates. Bonding time with the team holds a special memory because of so many funny and happy moments that followed on the court. 

Josi Clark, senior, has contributed these last 4 years to the ALHS volleyball team and this year is her last year before she goes off to college for her volleyball career. 

“I am really upset and sad about leaving. We had such a great season and an awesome group of girls; I will definitely be coming back to watch them next year and I’m sad that I have to leave them behind,” said Clark.

Josi loved being on the team and working with her teammates and helping each other grow for their near future in volleyball. She has gone on to achieve things within the team and she holds this pride deep in her heart. Volleyball for Josi has always been something that she has loved and worked hard in so she earned her achievements from these past few years. 


For Luis, volleyball was so much more than just playing on the court, to him, it was a bonding experience that he will cherish in his career and while he moves on to pursue his skill in college. 

Volleyball is clearly one of the most important things to Luis as he contributes to helping out and showing up for volleyball whenever he can. His hard work has paid off as he is able to use his skills in college soon. College is a great opportunity for Luis as he has put in so much time and effort to become successful in this sport. 

“It’s not fun leaving the team because I spent about 3 hours everyday for the past 4 years with these girls so it will definitely be something to get used to.” said Rodriguez.

Jeena Carle, senior, has taken the time to improve on her skills to earn her position on the team she has today. 

“I made some really good friends with these people so it’s really sad having to leave,” said Carle.

Friendship on the team holds a big component for how the team performs and how they communicate with each other on the court. Their friendship holds a strong bond within the team and each player knows how to communicate with each other because of their dedication to keep friendship as a factor on the team.

“I hope that underclassmen players remember that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to get where I was and where I ended my career, so I hope they remember to stay consistent and stay hard working.” said Luis.

Luis left his good spirits on the court on senior night in a good way to end the season. The underclassmen will remember him from a teaching experience because of how well he lit up the court when he played. Leaving a mark on the team is exactly what Luis did these past 4 years and now it is finally time for him to go off and work hard on his own. 

Azaria Green, a senior, feels gratitude and sorrow as she leaves the volleyball team. 

“I loved every moment of it, and I feel sad but I am still happy that I left my legacy on the team,” said Green. 

Azaria has contributed all four of her high school years to the ALHS volleyball team as well. She has left her mark on the team with her positive attitude and determination throughout the years as a player. 

She believes that there is more to a sport than just playing. The mental aspect of volleyball for Azaria was important because she loved the positive atmosphere that she put off as well as rubbing her good energy off on the other players as well. 

“I hope that the underclassmen just remember my energy and just my positivity on the court and how I led them as a team and I hope that somebody steps up and takes that role next year because that’s huge.” said Clark. 

Overall, the energy from each player radiates off of them when they’re using their skills on the court and their communication with their teammates. The seniors contributed a large portion to the skills and plays that they have earned over the years. 

All seniors made an impact on the team and there will be more years to come for new seniors to leave their trace on the team in a positive manner. This season was about the seniors and how they should be recognized for their accomplishments and  work that they have put in throughout the years.