Golfers honing skills with new simulator


2024 editor-in-chief Dean Pope uses the golf simulator

This year a new idea emerged. That is the idea of a golf simulator being introduced to the lynx community. Golf is a sport that is becoming more popularized and with the introduction of the new technology able to virtually and realistically imitate the actions of playing golf, it is sure to peak interest in how exactly this works and how it is executed.  

The golf simulator is an invention that is designed to help with golfing skills and get a better experience and understanding whether the conditions are bad outside, or just a good way of learning in general. Overall the new golf simulator brings endless possibilities within the sport of golf for the ALHS community.

Jason Smith, the girl’s golf coach here at ALHS has been a successful leader throughout the years and this new idea will impact his coaching along with the team members overall performance and practice skills. 

The simulator is great for us because it will allow our team to have quality practice indoors during bad weather.  In the past we had to hit foam balls on the gym balcony or in the cafeteria.  It was very difficult for the girls to get good feedback with the foam balls.  The simulator will give the girls a ton of metrics, from how far they are hitting it, their ball speed, and their smash factor.” Says Smith. 

With that being said, the simulation should have many amazing improvements within conditions and work ethic. The entirety of the simulation has been well thought out and will be sure to make an appearance within the AL golf community. The difference in the factors for the girls will be noticed and seen from the realistic practice they are able to receive. 

Now, with virtual golf, many more people can be interested in checking it out. This can bring more students and more people to become intrigued with the new golf simulator. Many students are able to proceed with their passion in golf with the amazing practice they will get within the simulator. This is one of the endless possibilities that are brought to us with the new technology. Of course, the golf simulator has been around and has been seen in many other places but having it within the ALHS community is a big step up and a better convenience for the sport of golf. Keeping students involved in golf adds to their extracurricular activities and can improve their overall involvement.

 “I’m a huge proponent of students being involved in extracurricular activities.  It helps kids focus on time management, learning to work as a quality teammate, improves leadership skills, and makes going to school all that more fun.” Says Smith. 

Time management can be a great skill to learn as getting involved truly has a part to play in how students show interest in their academic skills along with their skills they discover within sports.

Golf is especially a sport that is more recognized and there are many reasons why. Golf is one of the only sports with this kind of technological advancement and this is because of the fact that golf is not just a sport, to some it is much more than that. 

“For golfers, they are learning a lifelong sport. All sports are great, but golf is one that you see people playing until well into the later years of their lives, so they are learning a sport they can literally participate in for the rest of their lives..  It is also a sport where the participants are the officials. There are no referees or umpires in golf, the players have to police themselves and others.  This helps them develop communication skills, making sure they are always acting with integrity and always acting in a principled way.” Says Smith. 

Golfing includes many social skills as well. Golf is a sport that is able to shape a member into a more developed individual and overall the members are able to learn countless skills whether that’s within the actual sport, or even outside of it in the real world. In the end, golfing is an amazing sport and the new golf simulating invention that has recently been introduced should be a great opportunity for team members to have fun and learn endless personalized skills and lessons.